Index to Storker and Barret Dravland Family

The building of this index, and for the other families, is an ongoing project. Only every other generation will be added initially.

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Table Of Contents

Children of Storker and Barret Dravland Children of John S. and Elizabeth Dravland Children of Anna and Peter Brovold Children of Amanda Dravland and Eivind Mehus Children of Selmer and Edith Dravland(Children adopted by Mr. Douglas when Selmer died) Children of Clif & Mary Dravland Grandchildren of Clif & Mary Dravland Grandchildren of Evelyn Dravland Johnson Grandchildren of Kenneth 'Bing' & Gloria Dravland Grandchildren of Gladys Dravland Lampkin Grandchildren of Gladys Dravland Torgerson Grandchildren of Ruby Dravland Nikka
  • LaFontaine,Christine
  • LaFontaine,Skye
    Grandchildren of Dickey and Charlotte Dravland Grandchildren of Gilmore Dravland Sr. and Beatrice King