A Dravland et al.Family History Project


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The Dravland et al. Family History Project
How Can You Help With The History Project?
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The Dravland et al. Family History Project

Doing justice to the history of all these families cannot be done by one person. There have been some very interesting experiences by, not only the original migrants from the 'old country', but also the younger generations with their struggle to realize their dreams. It is hoped that many descendants of Storker, Ole, Bernt and Kristen Families will write their own histories and memories of their forefathers and extended families.

This Project is ment to emphasize a history of these families not the geneology. I do not intend to trace our ancestry beyond what has been done. However, if someone wants some information added on their family I would certainly help with it. More could be done for example on the histories of spouses of Storker, Kristen and Bernt.

Dravland is the 85,739th. most popular last name(surname) in the United States: frequency is 0.000%. To put it another way the probability of meeting a person with the last name of Dravland, by chance alone, in the United States is zero; Less than 1/1000 of one percent. (Source CBN)

However this did happen at least once. Sidney and Alfred Dravland were driving from Duluth, Mn. to a reunion in Bottineau, ND via Fargo, ND. They stopped for a cup of coffee and struck up a conversation with a young lady that turned out to be Doris Dravland Nelson of Washington state. They invited her to our reunion. We all enjoyed meeting her. (TOC)

How You Can Help With The History Project


The Dravland et al. Family History Project

Where to send the information:

My year long e-mail address is:


My winter snail-mail address is(Oct. 15 to May 1):

Vern Dravland
2823 22nd. Ave. S.
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K-1K1

My summer snail-mail address is:

Vern Dravland
631 101st. St. N.E.
Souris, North Dakota, U.S.A. 58783

Don't let that Souris address fool you, it is way out in the country.