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A story of great courage and the power of prayer click on Patti(Ole)
Ann Dravland Geiszlers(Ole) trip to Norway Ann
Vern Dravland(Ole) was suspected of being a member of the notorious Boeder-Meinhof Gang click Vern
Some interesting letters from Jack and Pat Kuehn.(Ole) Jack
It sounds like it is written by Mark Twain. A letter home by Herb Kuehn(Ole) as a teen ager, click on Herb
A letter written in 1981 by the late Cliford Dravland(Storker) to Chuck Dravland. Click on Clif
Albert Dravland(Ole) receiving the Distinguished Medal of Honor during WW1 Albert.
Annie Dravland(Storker) and Nels Stovern Family Annie.
A picture of the Amanda Dravland(Storker)& Eivind Mehus wedding on Storkers Homestead and a story of the Mehus family Mehus.
Ole Dravlands Homsteading in North Dakota Ole.
Ole's son Jonas and his farming experience Jonas.
A story about .

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